Urban Scrawl Pocket Notes por Bianca Dyroff

May 19, 2019

Urban Scrawl Pocket Notes por Bianca Dyroff

Titulo del libro: Urban Scrawl Pocket Notes

Autor: Bianca Dyroff

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 21, 2016

Número de páginas: 96 páginas

ISBN: 3939566454

Editor: Publikat Verlags und Handels KG

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You are doing it on your exercise book, beer coasters, the bench in the park, the school toilet, in the sand, during courses or while on the phone: to doodle, scrawl, scribble or just to daub is a basic need to express creativity. We know this already, but what this volume introduces is the idea that absent mindedly made images, drawn where perhaps they aren't supposed to be, can be the beginning of the best ideas you have ever had, rather than just an outlet that can be forgotten about.